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Light bulbs

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Bright Idea LED 13W E27

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Tiny Idea LED 2W G4

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Accessories for your UMAGE lighting

Welcome to our collection of lighting accessories! Here, you will discover a range of accessories designed to enhance and elevate your lighting designs. Our collection features charging stations and unifiers, to optimize the use of your products and elevate your experience while using your designs.

Effortless Charging Experience

In our collection you’ll find charging solutions for your portable lighting. With wireless lamps should come easy and functional chargers. Wireless chargers offer an effortless and intuitive way to replenish the battery life of your UMAGE lamps. We care for multifunctionality and therefore, you can also use UMAGE chargers for your smartphone and other Qi-supported technology. With the simple act of placing your smartphones, smartwatches, or other compatible devices on the charging pad, the charging process initiates automatically. This hands-free convenience allows us to focus on other tasks without the need to plug and unplug cables, making charging a seamless part of our daily routines.

Convenience On The Go

Wireless chargers extend their convenience beyond the walls of our homes and offices. Portable wireless chargers, provide a mobile power source that allows us to charge our devices on the go. Whether during travel, outdoor adventures, or simply when away from a power outlet, portable wireless chargers offer a lifeline of power, ensuring our devices stay charged and connected wherever we are.

Sleek Design & Integration

Like with all our designs, UMAGE’s wireless chargers blend seamlessly into your surroundings with their sleek and minimalist designs. They can be integrated into various environments, from home offices to bedside tables, without compromising on aesthetics. Our wireless chargers offer stylish and modern finishes that complement your devices and enhance the visual appeal of your spaces.

UMAGE’s Sustainability Efforts

At UMAGE, sustainability is at the core of our values. We prioritize eco-friendly practices and responsibly sourced materials in the crafting of our lighting fixtures. By utilizing high-quality materials and energy-efficient technologies, we ensure that our products not only enhance your home but also contribute to a greener planet.