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Paff Cuadro

Paff es una mesa versátil que se puede personalizar según tu hogar y tus necesidades. Transforma sin esfuerzo cualquier espacio, con una presencia tranquila dondequiera... 
ColourOak - table top
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"Born from the magic of unexpected moments, Paff is there when you need it – whatever you need it for. This versatile piece redefines your space and transforms effortlessly from a coffee table or a plant stand to an extra seat for an unexpected guest."

Detalles técnicos

Tiempo de montaje

10 min


Paff low H: 27 cm W: 50 cm D: 35 cm
Paff tall H: 43 cm W: 50 cm D: 35 cm


Paff low with marble top: 10.4 kg
Paff low with oak top: 8.1 kg
Paff low with tray top: 6.8 kg
Paff tall with marble top: 11.2 kg
Paff tall with oak top: 8.9 kg
Paff tall with tray top: 7.6 kg


Oak, oak veneer, (aluminium, marble and MDF)

Marcas, pruebas y certificaciones

EN 16139 Furniture – Seating (Level 1)
EN 17191 Furniture – Seating for children
EN 71-3 Toy safety – Migration of certain elements

Información complementaria

Combine various colours and legs to get the exact design you desire

Technical drawing of Paff | Cuadro

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