Réalité Augmentée

Ne serait-ce pas formidable si vous pouviez essayer une nouvelle lampe ou un meuble avant de l'acheter et de l'installer ? Avec notre nouvelle fonctionnalité AR, c'est exactement ce que vous pouvez faire !

La fonction de réalité augmentée vous permet visualisez à quoi ressembleront nos produits dans votre propre maison.

Simply go to the product you would like to try out and click on the 3D button on the picture at the top of the product page. This will take you to the 3D presentation of the chosen product. Here you can explore the product from all angles as well as select the colour you would like to try out.

When visiting our website on your computer, click on the AR logo in the top right corner of the 3D presentation, and a QR code will be generated. Simply pick up your phone or tablet, scan the QR code with the camera app, and follow the link that will appear at the top of your device – this will take you to the AR function. Scan the room with the camera, move the chosen product around and place it where you would like to see it.

When using your smartphone instead of your computer, no QR code will appear when clicking on the AR logo. Instead, the AR feature will open automatically. From here, the procedure is the same as described above.

Bumped into any problems or have any suggestions for improving our AR feature? We encourage you to reach out to us at info@umage.com.